Month: February 2005

  • Will Sudduth (2/27/1925-2/23/2005)

    I went to my Uncle Will’s funeral Saturday in Hickory, N.C.(William Sudduth, 2/25/1995 – 2/23/2005, a native of Coila, Miss., who lived nearly all his adult life on Snow Creek Road in Hickory in a house I spent many hours in as a child.) The service included his sons, and grandsons and a couple nephews…

  • Stopping the Presses

    The Internet has changed the economics of the publishing industry in a way commercial television never did. The price of news and information has irrevocably been pushed way down the supply/demand curve. The Web has also destroyed the functional monopoly of the local daily newspaper with the very high barriers to technical entry. Anyone can…

  • More on newspapers buying Web companies

    More on the and MarketWatch buys: NEW YORK (Reuters) – Newspaper publishers, often seen as stodgy and slow-growing, will pay whatever it takes to grab a bigger piece of the fast-growing online advertising market — if two recent deals are any indication. — Reuters, 2/18/2005