BlogNashville: They’re with the band

The center of the Blogosphere is in Nashville this weekend for BlogNashville.
A few Knoxville bloggers are there and the newspaper has two folks taking in the scene. Read Michael Silence’s posting.

We posted the AP account with a link to Silence’s blog late in the day.
From blog reports and news accounts, the conference looks to be building a tremendous amount of creative energy.
Meanwhile, a piece on the ClickZ network report on the updated Pew Internet & American Life Project report on Blogging contends a quarter of all Internet users say they read blogs, and 9 percent say they’ve created one.
But here’s the trend to watch: In the 18 to 29 set, some 36 percent of are reading blogs and 19 percent of that online age group have created blogs.
Blogging, podcasting, vlogs, community journalism in many forms, the news and information landscape is rapidly morphing.
And at least for this weekend, the story has a Nashville soundtrack. Play on!