A couple interesting sites

I’ve been playing with “Remember the Milk. It’s a simple site concept. It just does “To Dos.” No feature bloat. It’s got a single purpose in life — so far.

I’ve never been a list maker.Maybe Post-It reminders and scribbled scraps of paper in the cipher I call handwriting, but that’s about it. Would this make me a list maker?. We’ll see. It’s definitely more fun — and mobile for me — than Outlook’s “tasks.” To Dos can be color-coded by priority, grouped by topic and can tickle your e-mail, cell phone or IM. You can also add To Dos via an e-mail template. Pretty good for a site created by a girl, a guy and a monkey. See the team. Try it. It does help you focus on getting things done..
Another interesting I’ve looked at this week is ZoomInfo. If you’ve ever been in a press release that made it onto the Internet, you’re probably on here. I wouldn’t want to rely on it, but as a first cut tool to find out about someone, it’s sort of decent, particularly if they have an uncommon name. ZoomInfo is combing a lot of Web resources to built it’s database.
Note to job seekers: Your next prospective employer could be looking here.