Month: October 2005

  • Gaga at Google

    These tidbits, which came out last week in the Google earnings, just boggle me: Average revenue per search (yes, any kind of search, not just paid): 12 cents. It was around a dime in late 04. Avg. revenue per searcher: $7 Avg. revenue per sponsored click: 62 cents. Estimated profits for Google in 06: Roughly…

  • World Series

    I’m going with the Astros. Got Phil Garner (former Bearden High School standout, UT star and Jefferson City native) and Chis Burke ( a great player at Tennessee in 2001). Our sons, of course, are going with the White Sox. Mark says White Sox in four. I think we’ll see Game 7.

  • A couple interesting sites

    I’ve been playing with “Remember the Milk. It’s a simple site concept. It just does “To Dos.” No feature bloat. It’s got a single purpose in life — so far.