The Cottars

The Cottars, click to see larger image Wow, what an impressive sounding album from a pair of sisters and brothers from Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.
I got their new album, Forerunner, a few days ago and it’s really nice. And it’s the band’s third. The first came out in 2002 and they seem to have been together since 2000. Forerunner is their U.S. debut album.
The Cottars are four teens: two girls 16 and two guys 18.
Ciar�n and Fiona MacGillivray are the children of Canadian author/composer, Allister MacGillivray. The other half of the group is Roseanne and Jimmy MacKenzie.

Find out more about them on their Web site. You can also hear a few songs from the new CD on their MySpace site (I wonder why they didn’t post those on their Web site).
If you like a Celtic-influenced sound, you’ll enjoy this group. I hope they come to the Tennessee Theater sometime.
I particularly liked their versions of “Send Me a River” and “Hold On.” Have you heard these four?