It seemed so simple

the object of my ireOur 15-year-old wanted to put the PS2 on the Net and shelled out his own bucks for the $30 Internet Adapter that attaches to the Sony box.
Course, then he realized that wasn’t all he needed to connect to a wireless network.
He hit dad up for a “wireless gaming adapter” … the only one the sales associate at Best Buy offered up was the $100 D-Link DGL-3420. Geez, but we’ve come this far.

(It would be nice if the PlayStation could use one of those USB wireless adapters, but alas.)
Running the wizard and configuring the little black box with three blue lights *seemed* like a snap. Only problem was, my router didn’t see it unless it was directly attached to it with cable. Duh!
I gave the reset button on the back (which you punch with a straightened paperclip) the 10,000-mile test drive in a single evening. After a couple hours of frustration, I bagged it for the night, grumbling.
Early this morning, I gave D-Link support a call (yes, they have 24-hour live support) and got a tech who guided me through the step I missed — and wasn’t covered in the manual. …. Drum roll…. Connectivity!
Some configuration and registration screens with the PlayStation and then with EA Sports and it was mission accomplished.
Was it worth it dollars lighter and hours later?
My son reports: “IT’S AWESOME.” A spring break diversion. Go figure.
So now I have a home network connected to Comcast’s broadband service with two desktops, a laptop (two laptops when Eric is home), two Tivos, a printer, a Mirra Personal Servier (does backups) and up to two Sony PSPs.