P.R.: Spinning up trust

“P.R. plays much better in a world that lacks trust.”

Richard W. Edelman, president and chief executive of the public-relations firm Edelman
Unfortunately, he’s right.

Don’t like the Media spin? Start your own blog, Web site, e-mail newsletter. Get others to blog your sprin and create a buzz that virallly spreads.
He was talking about the decline of trust in public institutions, including the media — and about how the Internet had helped to bring that about.
But the usage pattern of Internet users is they start out visiting a lot of sites and then focus in a few regular favorites. They DO develop trusted sources of information and trusted sources of services be it based on brand, actual use, or third party recommendation.
Those sources are likely to include the traditional “information gatekeepers” as well as smart upstarts that passionately fill certain information niches and develop devoted audiences. The internet is about more than PR spin.The good stuff does bubble up.