If I had but one match

I liked this thought Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard pointed out in a column last week.

“Picturing a single match is a reminder of the finite nature of your marketing resources,” Stielstra writes. “No matter what they are–money, people or time–you only have so much. Opportunity costs are critical. How will you use your match?

Stielstra is Greg Stielstra, who has a new book, PyroMarketing (HarperBusiness, $21.95). He suggests thinking about using your marketing resources as if you had but one match to start a fire.
… Kind of interesting way at looking at a lot of things.
His suggestions:

  • Gather the driest tinder.
  • Touch it with the match.
  • Fan the flames.
  • Save the coals.

Read Rich’s column here. I may read the book!