In the news

The panel I appeared on yesterday at UT got a little coverage here yesterday with a long report from “R. Neal.”
Neal and the others who attended overcame a wicked thunderstorm to be there and there was an excellent turnout.

Part of what I presented were some statistics here on KnoxNews Web site traffic, usage and demographics. The demographic data from Scarborough is the most interesting to me.
Robert Morgan, the News Sentinel’s excellent market researcher, pulled those together for me a moment’s notice (I’m glad he comes in early). I asked for some of the data points that show the differences between print readership and the online audience. Any errors are mine and not his.
I find some of the trends fascinating.
It was the first time I had met Neal (the blogger formerly known as South Knox Bubba) and UT journalism lecturer Bob Stepno, both of whose blogs I like to read when I have the time.
So in all, it was a fun event and the weather had turned sunny by the time I left the Black Cultural Center. The conference continues today and Friday.