Gimme that broadband

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The Pew Internet & American Life folks released late last week their latest Broadband survey and it’s got some really interesting findings.
The headline: Broadband adoption grew by 40 percent in the past year with the Telcos the winners.

Among the survey’s finding:

  • Home broadband adoption grew by 40% in the year prior to March 2006, twice the growth rate of
    the year before.

  • Growth in broadband adoption has been very strong in middle-income households, and particularly
    fast for African Americans and those with low levels of education.

  • 3% of online users saying they use a VoIP service at home. VoIP awareness has shot up 86%
    since early 2004.

Memorial Day weekend poolside blogger Steve Yelvington has some comments on another aspect of the survey, the number of people posting stuff — their stuff — online.
There’s quite a bit to digest in the survey, read it!