Google video gets smarter

I haven’t noticed mentions of this, but Google Video has gotten a lot smarter.

People have been noting Google’s announcement this week of “instant availability’ and elimination of the need to use the separate “uploadier” program. Both of these are seen as reactions to You Tube and the host of video competitors.
But I noticed Google has gotten a lot smarter about which still image it shows on search results. For RandomThis videos, it had been showing the standard intro piece we have. But today I noticed all of image stills have changed and are of shots after the “story” starts. Very nice.
Even one of our “older,” but popular ones on the Sunsphere has changed. It used to show a pair of feet, but now it has a panoramic view from the top of the Sunsphere with the security guard that was interviewed. Very, very nice.
Don’t know if this is a software tweak or more involvement by Google Video team. Whichever, it’s better.