TV is becoming its own sitcom

When asked to name the top four TV networks, 4 out of every 5 people ages 16-18 could not name all four of the networks …. 1 out of every 3 people under 34 could not name ANY of these networks.

— New online survey, which polled people aged 16-34 about their time spent online and watching TV, from Bolt Mieda. See the study here.

I think this study is more amusement than serious. Bolt survieyed just over 400 of its members. Some 25 percent of new Bolt members do not live in the U.S.
But just for fun here are other random findings (this wouldn’t be Random Mumblings if the tidbits weren’t “random,” would it?).
The netowrk they are most likely to have watched in the past week is Fox, 65 percent, following by Comedy Central.
59 pecent have ripped a CD in the last month; 53 percent have purchased one.
8 of 10 have IM’ed friends in the last month.
8 of 10 have visited
6 in 10 own a Sony product; 24 percent own an iPod (all other MP3 players mustered only 27 percent).
70 percent have used text messaging in the last month.
Fav store: Wal-Mart, followed by Target.
Old Navy is the favorite brand of clothing, but not as high as some other studies. Hot brands for 16-18 include Hot Topic, American Eagle Outfitters, Aeropostale, Wet Seal and Roxy.
Top candies: Reese’s followed by M&Ms, Snickers.
They are about even on whether they have had bottled water or a soda in the past week (it would have been interesting to have estimates of how many here, wouldn’t it?).