A site to get fanatical about

click to see larger screen shot Morris DigitalWorks has reborn FanaticZone.com (once in another incarnation a site we were involved in with the GoVols.com Web site) as a Digg.com-like sports metasite.
It’s certainly not the FanaticZone of yore. As Morris’ Steve Yelvington says: “Times change. Ideas change.”
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It’s WOW. Congratulations to the Morris folks for packing a lot of good, new ideas into a nice looking site.
Yelvington says the Morris coding wizards created it in six weeks:

“Six weeks is an important figure. We’re learning that fast development of a flawed product is infinitely more valuable in the long run than slow development that aims for perfection.”

It’ll be interesting to see how it develops by the first kickoff of football. And, I certainly wonder if they can do anything about that (Ga.) Dawg color scheme!