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Vanilla Ice
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We were eating breakfast Sunday morning in the Popeye’s in Concourse B of the Atlanta airport when all of a sudden people started noticing that Rob Van Winkle was sitting at the counter eating breakfast as well.
It wasn’t a big mob – it wasn’t a “mob” at all — but people started asking him for his autograph (some seemed to be asking who he was after they got it), there were cell phone camera photos, and one large, gray-haired lady that got also seemed to the need to call someone while she was getting an autograph.

He was very polite about it all.
Rob Van Winkle is aka “Vanilla Ice,” whose main claim to fame is a hit single “Ice, Ice Baby.” The latest news on his Web site is he has joined the VH-1 TV Reality Show “Surreal Life Fame Games” filmed in Vegas in late March/April.
My question, which I didn’t ask: “What’s a rapper doing in the Atlanta airport at before 9 a.m.? Now, that’s a surreal life.