Slick new Courier-Press launches

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There should be a bit of well-deserved buzz today about the redesign of another Scripps paper Web site, The Evansville Courier-Press.
Lost Remote has already said: “Give them this – it’s unlike any newspaper-based site you’ve probably seen.” Postings have already begun on the Online News list.

The new site launched on Monday afternoon after a ton of hard work by the Scripps folks at the Northshore building here in Knoxville and by the Web folks at the paper in Evansville. Some of the new features are listed here.
Developer Mocktech chronicles some the launch push here and the working weekends to meet the deadline of what he calls the “djefferson project” here and here.
It borrows bits of the design that was developed for KnoxNews a year ago, but with lots of tweaks and additions, and a really nice color scheme. It looks very nice. It’s also the first Scripps Vignette-driven newspaper site to be converted to the Ellington-Django platform that Scripps newspapers will be migrating to over the coming months. Jay Small (takeaway quote: “We’ve done some redesigns, but hoo boy! This is a big deal for us.”) has some details here.
I heard the Evansville folks not only were contending with the rollout of the redesign, but also had an early evening power outage. Just a bit of electricity with our stress, please!
Congratulations to all. Site looks tremendous!