Still so 1995

Steve Outing and Howard Owens have some engaging thoughts on how far we’ve come — or haven’t — that was sparked by revisiting what newspaper online folk were saying more than a decade ago on Outings’ once bustling online-news list. (I still subscribe to it, but it’s much quieter now than in those heady days.)
Howard came up with an excellent 10-point list of how newspaper are not getting it done.
And Outing’s man point is we fret when we should just do:

It doesn’t seem to me that we’ve come far enough along as an industry to make a smooth transition from the old news business models to the new ones that will need to supplant those revenue streams that are beginning to dry up. Today’s discussions within the industry have some similarities to those of a decade ago.

They’re right. There is an eerie so 1995-96 sound in the air.
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