Very wired with moxie

Isobella Jadeco Since an Apple store just opened in Knoxville, I guess someone can now write the Great American novel there or at least their resume — or maybe just look for work like Isobella Jadeco.
Jadeco is a short girl (5’2″) trying to make it in a tall girl’s game — modeling. She lives out of a suitcase and since she doesn’t have an Internet connection, she’s been writing a novel and pitches at a New York Apple store, so says fishbowlNY

GalleyCat wondered how she saved her writings and was told that Jadeco saved it to her Yahoo account.
She writes in the third person pitch letter to fishbowlNY:

She wrote her whole memoir which is over 250 words, while standing in heels infront of an Imac 17inch computer at the Apple Store in soho. Why? Because just as she is living out of a suit case,she also doesn’t have a computer or internet connection. She has become a regular at the store and the store found out about her writing and constant vists and found her story ” inspirational” and ” intriguing,” she was then invited to do a reading in a store.

… she has stood in heels for hours writing her book which is particial dedicated to Apple since this past year 90 Percent of her resume has come from jobs she has gained by visiting the store. If anything Steve Jobs should give her a call.

She has a blog here and a MySpace page here.
What a tale.