Lemonade, please

One of the best CDs I brought recently is G. Love’s “Lemonade.”
Released Aug. 1, 2006, it’s a collection of really nice tunes with a host of guest musicians including Ben Harper, Marc Broussard, Jack Johnson (the CD is on Johnson’s Brushfire Records), Tristan Prettyman, Blackalicious.
Philly-based hip/hop bluesman Garrett “G. Love” Dutton (who one reviewer calls “one of the premier purveyors of a funky fusion of sparkling acoustic pop, white-boy rap, and ragged blues” .. whew, whatever) has one nice CD. I’ll think I’ll be listening to it for quite awhile.
Here’s the track list:
1. Ride
2. Ain’t That Right
3. Hot Cookin’
4. Can’t Go Back to Jersey
5. Missing My Baby
6. Holla!
7. Banger – Blackalicious, G. Love, Lateef the Truth Speaker
8. Thanks and Praise – G. Love,
9. Let the Music Play – Marc Broussard, G. Love,
10. Free
11. Beautiful – G. Love, Tristan Prettyman
12. Rainbow – G. Love, Jack Johnson
13. Breakin’ Up
14. Still Hanging’ Around/Sneakster
15. Love