Motivational Music

Alvin Youngblood Hart
Heard an Alvin Youngblood Hart track the other night and decided to buy the CD, a 2005 release called “Motivational Speaker.”
Recorded in Memphis, it is da Blues. Here’s a little snippet from the CD’s first track “Big Mama’s Door (Might Return).”
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It’s got that raw edged Mississippi hill country sound. Course, Luther Dickenson of the North Mississippi All-stars and Dickenson’s dad, Jim Dickenson, guest on the album. Also features Audley Freed of the Black Crowes among others.
It’s more than a straight up blues affair. He covers Led Zeppelin, Otis Redding and Johnny Paycheck — if you can imagine.
Turn it up loud; you’ll like it. Maybe, it’s just “southern rootsy charm.”
Hart’s kind of a eclectic guy. He says he went to three high schools in three time zones and learned electronic well enough in the Coast Guard to fix amps in the wife’s shop in Memphis.
He’s one of those artists whose next album won’t be like the last, but “Motivational Speaker” is a mighty fine place to start listening to him.