Saving time …

I saw a reference to this site on Friday and found it to be just what I needed because I hate typing into my address book on my cell phone., a service based in Denmark, lets you do all that typing in a Web page and synch with your phone. You can do appointments as well.
It uses synchML (Synchronization Markup Language) to perform its magic. Most phones have synchML built-in, but I had begun to think that it was a pretty useless feature, one that I would never use.
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To set the service up, you find your phone model and click some buttons to configure your phone for the service. It didn’t automatically configure mine, a Siemens S65, but the site anticipates this and had good instructions on the settings to use. Once imputed … viola … it worked like a champ.
The site seems to support tons of phones. Thee’s no software to load into your phone or onto your computer.
And it’s free!
You can email contacts from the and get them to verify their info, You can export your contacts to your desktop. You can transfer your data to a new phone. Even data it won’t display (fields your phone may have that it doesn’t display) is saved.
There’s no Outlook support at this point except through a third party, but I have no desire to put all my Outlook contacts on my phone so that’s OK. Cutting and pasting on the computer is fine with me for the number of contacts I want to put on my phone. I don’t use it for appointments, except to have Yahoo’s calendar send me an SMS for some meetings.
Pretty slick — and useful. Anybody else using this tool?