(Tennessee) Rivers of News

UT journalism prof Bob Stepno points to an interesting mobile/PDA project from Johnny Dobbins. Wow, pretty cool.
It’s a PDA/mobile news aggregator of news from traditional media outlets in Tennessee (mostly East Tennessee) and bloggers in the Rocky Top Brigade.
Some of the RSS feeds seem to be screwing it up. WATE has some headlines that say “September 15, 2006 11:33 PM” and it’s just 9 p.m.
And he looks to be using just the local news feeds of the ones we have here. (We could create a special feed on whatever combination of sections Dobbins/Stepno are interested in for that matter. We created what we thought people might want, but we haven’t had much feedback on what they do want, but I digress.)
I’m sure he’ll get it tweaked out. The “Tennessee River of News” is an interesting concept and useful implementation.
Sounds like it was Bob’s inspiration (who got the “ah ha” from Dave Winer) and Johnny’s coding wizardry. Boom, a news source is born, Web 2.0 style.
Good luck!
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