A Cameo appearance

A Cameo appleEven apple varieties have their own Web sites.
I bought a bag of Cameos at the Erwin Apple Festival; grocery stores, even the mega-behemoths seem to carry just a few varieties, Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Granny Smith and a couple others, maybe. The vendors at the festival were offering varieties that I hadn’t had in awhile or had never heard of like Cameo.
Cameo apples are really good, I found.
Of course, I googled it and found there is an official Amercain Cameo Web site, which says about the variety::

The Cameo variety is a hearty, all-around apple with a deep juicy flavor and a crisp crunch that makes it the perfect eating apple. The Cameo apple variety, discovered in a Washington state orchard in the 1980s, has been available in grocery stores for the past five years. Gaining in popularity, Cooking Light magazine recently ranked Cameo as one of the best apple varieties in its 2002 Apple Pageant!

They’re excellent. Have one.