A Google bombing run

I noticed this in our referring domain stats for Tuesday on knoxnews.
Blogger Chris Bowers, self-described numbers geek and political strategist, has launched a Liberal guerilla effort at search engine optimization. I noticed a number of sites that have the set of links he posted. Don’t know if they are all related blogs of the same group Bowers is in or just like-minded folks.
Chris Bowers, by the way, describes himself as:

… an editor at MyDD since May 1st, 2004. I am also the treasurer of BlogPac, and the manager of the Liberal Blog Advertising Network. I am 32 and live in Philadelphia, where I am a member of my local ward committee and where I serve on the Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee. I occasionally conduct Internet consulting for various non-profit organizations, and have a background in academia and union organizing.

At least from what I can see, his effort at launching a “Google Bomb” is succeeding. The Oct. 11 story in his list was No. 7 in the Top 10 list article list for on Tuesday.
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