The Big Dog’s Bark

Big Dog AudioThe Randoms launched an audio “Big Dog” alert today on knoxnews. See and hear it on the home page.
Lauren Spuhler and Erin Chapin had been testing the format and process for a few days and last week we invited via email some knoxnews users to tell us what they thought about it.
Wow, I was overwhelmed with the response. At least 283 people took the time to give us their thoughts from “love it” to “hate it” to detailed suggestions. It was great.
Jigsha Desai whipped up a little Flash audio player today (one thing we found was not everyone can deal with Windows Media streaming and we’re not just talking Mac users) and away we go. Hopefully Flash is the solution..
Try it and see what you think. We’re still tweaking this puppy.
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