Blog Tag: 5 things you don’t know about me

Geez, I’m it. Thanks, Jay. That’s viral. Jay Small posted his five things you don’t know about me and has passed it on. He’d been tagged by Greg Sterling, who’d been tagged by … well, you get it.
I notice Susan Mernit is playing, too. She has a link to a bit of history on blog tag.
It’s one of those “aw, what the heck” things that burn through the Internet from time-to-time.
So, aw what the heck, here’s five from me:
1) The only thing I was first at in high school was in the first class to graduate from the high school (South West Randolph which had just opened).
2) I actually have been to WhyNot and back, as well as Erect and Climax.
3) Lail is a German surname for most people of European descent, but it also is the Arabic word for “night.” A chapter of the Koran is Al-Lail, or The Night.
4) Until adulthood, I was known by the nickname of Jackie. My family still calls me by that name — sometimes.
5) Much to my baseball card collecting son’s amazement, I blithely used all sort of now valuable baseball cards as noisemakers in the spokes of my bicycle. First lost fortune, no doubt.
My fire line: The viral stops here.