Good news in the stocking

The latest issue of Barron’s — out just in time for Christmas — has an article about my employer, E.W. Scripps, that is getting a lot of buzz on investing Web forums.
The article is behind Barron’s pay subscription wall, but here’s a Reuters story on the story.
A couple of big name analysts are forecasting a $60 to $62 share price over the next year. Friday’s close was $49.23.
Fav graph:

Scripps looks like a million bucks, and it’s just warming up,” Larry Haverty, media specialist and co-portfolio manager at Gabelli Global Multimedia Trust fund, told Barron’s.

So not all the news about newspaper stocks is bad. Course, Scripps is often considered a newspaper stock, but newspapers — still a big chunk of the company — are not its largest business segment these days. The biggest piece of the pie is Scripps Networks (HGTV, the Food Network, GAC and others).
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