Got any video of Mark Cuban before he was famous?

Like I said before, Mavs owner Mark Cuban would make an interesting newspaper owner.
The link above deals with the advertising/revenue model for newspapers. On Saturday, he delves into newsgathering, the newsroom and RSS feeds.

Reporters have recorders for interviews (every one i do these days). Some interviews could easily be expanded to include video. Should the reporters be required to not only write a story, but also edit the audio and even video of an interview ? ABsolutely. I recommend that EVERY reporter or columnist spend a morning with a disc jockey in a radio station. Watch how quickly and easily they edit together audio into a package they turnaround in seconds and put on air. Take a look at how easy it is to use basic video editing equipment.

It’s the worth the read … and it takes him a while to actually get to the subject promised in the title, but it’s fun getting there.
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