You gotta hear this …

The Big Dog Audio hosts Erin Chapin and Lauren Spuhler

Another self-promotion item: We started doing something in October that’s become one of the smartest and funniest regular pieces on our Web site.
It’s our Big Dog Audio updates. We decided just this week to create an archive of these mid-day promos and updates here. Take the time to listen to a few and send us feedback, rants and raves..
The audio updates are done Monday through Friday. They are posted on the front of the Web site just beside the traffic map around noon. The link is removed late in the afternoon.
Regular hosts Lauren Spuhler and Erin Chapin, with guest appearances from “across the pond” Online Editor Jigsha Desai, really have a chemistry working here. I if you listen to a few, you’ll be hooked on checking in around noonish to see what shrikes that crazy pair’s fancy today.
Listen for the “Gateway of Morality” moments and the occasional “hey, mom did you hear this” story.
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