20 lists of trends for 2007

A collection of media and web predictions for 2007 in no particular order.
HipMojo.com: Top 10 Media Trend Predictions for 2007
The Luon Blog: 10 key predictions for 2007 – as read on eMarketer
Greg Sterling: Predictions for 2007: Evolution and Acceleration
David Card: Predictions 2007: Media and Technology
Dan Gilmor: Media Predictions, 2007
John Battelle: Predictions 2007
Wired: Wild Predictions for a Wired 2007
Dave Morgan: My Thoughts on 2007
Robert Good: New Media Trends And 2007 Predictions: What’s Coming?
Aidan Henry: Blogging Predictions for 2007
Rex Sorgatz: 30 Predictions for 2007 in Media/Tech/Pop
Scott Karp: 2007 Predictions
Barry Graubart: Themes for 2007
Michael Cairns: Predictions for 2007
Susan Mernit: Paying attention in 2007: what’s hot and upcoming
Kevin Nalty: Top 10 Online-Video Predictions for 2007

Juan Lopez-Valcarcel: A look ahead at 2007 (I): The return of Old Media

ITWire: Twelve Predictions for 2007
Lightspeed: 2007 Consumer Internet Predictions
Dr. Tony Hung: Predictions 2007
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