Can you get me a SoundSlide of that

Just like people use Xerox for photocopies and Google for search, people are using SoundSlides to describe an audio photo slide show.
Joe Weiss’s software to create audio slide shows is that ubiquitous for Flash audio photo slide shows — thanks to being good and cheap.
The suggestion comes today that, well, SoundSlides, aka audio slide shows shows, are just so 2006.
Michael Bazeley, a senior Web editor at the San Jose Mecury News, says he’s bored with ’em.
Howard Owens suggests he is too and recommends ….

… do the slide show and add the audio, but make the pictures move. Use the iMovie “Ken Burns Effect” or learn how to simulate this in Movie Maker or your other video tool.

I’m not jaded on them yet. I liked the ones Online Editor Jigsha Desai produced for our year end packages and the ones our photographers did of their picks of their 2006 work.
Still vs Video? Not going there. A great still photo is a great still photo. Slides shows are huge traffic drivers. People do love them.
But I do think there is a need for a tool as simple to use as SoundSlides that also includes “share it,” “rate it” and even “get a reprint of it” tools. Sure, all those widgets are available, but I haven’t seen something that is as easy as SoundSlides is to use. Is it out there?
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