Is this Polar problem due to Global Warming?

I have a Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor Watch. Works great, except for one thing: the Sonic Link feature, that communications with your computer’s microphone and sends data to the Polar Fitness Trainer Web site.
It usually takes me several times for the computer to hear the watch/heart monitor’s chirping. Sometimes I find it easier to just manually enter the data, but then the next time it does connect, the data is duped.
Anyone else have this problem? Suggestions? Leave a comment.
An aside. I also think it’s weird that the site that stores the data has no import or export feature. What’s up with that?
I’m obivously not a fitness nut, but I’m geeky enough to like to track stuff like exercise duration and intensity as measured by heart rate with the aid of a tool. It doesn’t do much for procrastination, I’ve found.
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