Month: January 2007

  • The Song in My Head Today

    Old Crow Medicine Show’s Wagon Wheel keeps playing in my head today. It’s addictive and a great video, too! (You may have to click the start button twice to play.) See albums. Tags:

  • Just tell the story

    Technology won’t save newspapers, but telling a good story might. Gary Goldhammer in his Below the Fold blog says newspapers have been revamped and “Tivoed” to appeal to our “cultural Attention Deficit Disorder” so that we get snippets instead of nuggets. Just using the technology doesn’t make you relevant or hip … I agree with…

  • Recipe for the youth audience

    A youth play: Food! So says BusinessWeek in its Jan. 8, 2007, issue in story about how the Food Network is attracting the youth market. Course it may not be all about heatin’ up the stove. The story quotes a 21-year-old Binghamton University student who says he and his buddies are into Giada De Laurentiis,…