The edge of the future is a Netscape

Eric Berlin says more eloquently than I did in June that the Netscape dreamed up by Jason Calacanis — a hybrid between traditional media news sites and the social news approach of Digg/Reddit/Techmeme — may be the “Future of News.” Ironic, one of the Internet’s oldest consumer sites, has become the “future of news.” That’s our Internets.
Berlin sees successful news sites of the future developing along three lines:

  • User-Submitted Content
  • Admin submitted content
  • “Original” content

Whether Netscape has the model nailed — and it has numerous detractors — remains to be seen, but I believe it does provide a useful outline for mainstream media, despite the exiting of Calacanis and some of his lieutenants.
Read Berlin’s post, and if you haven’t, tool around Netscape. Does it work or flop for you?
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