A crew of one

A reporter might arrive on a location to do an interview. The subject would sit there, waiting anxiously. “Can we start?” the subject says.

“Not yet” says the reporter. There is a pause. “I have to wait for the pencil to arrive”.

Michael Rosenblum
Some fascinating thoughts from TV guy Michael Roseblum about online video and, maybe, how traditional print media organizations “are going to bury their former television competitors.”
Some commenters lambasted his post as promoting a type of journalism that’s basically not professional enough. But the question is: Is it good enough?
I think the answer — at least for now — is that VJ, backpack, MoJo, or just reporter with a camera video can attract an audience and be disruptive to the traditioanl TV model. And while the production qualities are derided by the “pros,” the viewers are watching.
Isn’t it a little like having the best story last?
I hope Michael Rosenblum is right!
via BuzzMachine
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