Arazie asks ‘how long should you wait?’

Ilana ArazieHmmm … this is not my editor’s AP. The august news wire, The Associated Press, is doing some experimenting. They’ve turned a young “product specialist” in the Online Video Network loose on the streets for eight weeks with a video camera, a Typepad account and some moxie.
The results are well hidden inside ASAP, an edgier AP youth news package and Web service, but really you can just go to the vblog directly. The vblog, called Reel City Tales, is done by Ilana Arazie and her latest delves into that vexing issue of how many dates a girl should wait before having sex. She gets varied responses.
I think something good could happen here while the suits aren’t watching. I hope AP lets it last longer than eight weeks. Check out her latest tale.
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