Get me a screen shot of that site

I was googling around today for a utility to make Web screen shots for a project I’m currently working on and stumbled across Nathan Moinvaziri’s wonderful WebShot (for Win XP). The latest version is 1.31 and it came out on Jan. 7, 2007.
I was looking for something that would do screen captures of Web pages and this does just that — and for free (donation requested and deserved). It captures the entire page, including the part not visible on the screen (yes, lots of other programs do this).
The program includes two programs: a regular GUI version and a command line version. I wrote a little perl script to run the command line verison, calling several sites up to get screen grabs and saving the images with a date and time naming convention so I can keep track of when the grabs were done.
This rules!
I had a question about the program and Moinvaziri, who lives in Arizona, did answer me within a couple hours. A big wow for a free product.
I noticed has done several other interesting programs. He also blogs on programming and TV. and has some beautiful photos on his site.
But what I liked best was this quote:

I’ve been programming for a long time.
I am 23 years old.

Hey, try his programs!
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