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PC World is reporting that Google will soon add its Docs & Spreadsheets Web apps to “Google Apps for Your Domain.”
That’s good news.
I did mail, calendar and start page options “Google Apps for Your Domain” recently and it’s been excellent. My host AQHost was great about doing the DNS changes needed on a weekend just minutes after I asked for it. The switchover in mail and pointing to the start page and calendar were pretty seamless.
Gmail is much better than the Web-based Horde I had access to before and I’m weaning my self off Outlook Express (and all desktop mail apps for home).
For my personal use Web site (this one), it’s convenient. But for a small business, this is pretty much a no-brainer, isn’t it?
Google Docs and Spreadsheet meet most of my home word processing and spreadsheet needs, although I still use Office. … But I can see a day ….
Once Docs and Spreadsheets is offered, that will leave only the web-photo albums of Picasa and Google Reader among the Google services I regularly use that is not offered in the “Google Apps for Your Domain.”
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