The ride really gets bumpy from here on …

John Robinson, editor of the Greensboro News & Record, weighs in on the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s far reaching revamping and mentions the Knoxville News Sentinel — as well as his paper and some others — as among those reshaping news coverage.
The News & Record is a paper I grew up reading in neighboring Randolph County — and later competing against. It’s been at the forefront of including more voices by encouraging blogging. Robinson points to several changes taking place at his newspapers and others. He also says a “different sort of paper” is coming from the News & Record. It will be interesting to see what results.
News Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy also weighed in on the AJC changes. And from the comments, not everyone is happy with change. Surprise!
Doug Fisher has a longer piece, including outlining a four-phase transition. Read it.
And that’s just a little of the react to the changes at the AJC and elsewhere. Look here.
I find it all a little like flying into a thunderstorm — blindfolded.
(via Will Sullivan)
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