Wonderful Sunday for a jog

The Comcast Slowsky turtlesGreat day in Knoxville Sunday. Sunny, windy and warm (in the mid-60s).
Went jogging at my favorite greenway and did 7.75 miles in 1:20:48 (156 average heart rate bpm). Yep, that’s Slowsky; I usually don’t jog/walk that long — or far.
It was good. Lots of folks and dogs out. Only two problems: it was phewy on the sewer plant side cause of the rain, I guess, and the strong wind broke a big limb that hit me in the shoulder while was I was on the river side of the course (sort of surprised me).
For the week, I’ve gone 15.75 miles jogging or on the elliptical. Including non-cardio, I exercised 3:04 hours and burned 2670 calories.
At my pace, maybe I ought to sign up with Jason Calacanis’ highly public Fatblogging campaign. He’s got a domain name, fatblogging.com, mapped to his blog, where he’s been spending a good bit of time tracking his exercise and diet regimes, and trading tips on programs, diets and equipment.
I was listening to some good stuff to keep me moving: Michael Power’s Prodigal Son. Fav track: Lay Down the Hooch (sample clip).
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