Free air conditioning here

Great NYT piece on how having public WiFi, but charging for it is the Web-age version of the “coin-operated locks on bathroom stalls.” Starbucks and McDonalds fit this mold.
The article notes that DFW is even charging airline passengers caught in its labyrinth for electricity to plug up!
But it does point to several chains who are using free WiFi as the “air-conditioning of the Internet age.”
Panera Bread and Schlotzsky’s Delis (but not here apparently) are among those mentioned as having free WiFi. The writer is in Silicon Valley so I guess that’s why Krystal (whose first free WiFi location was in Knoxville) didn’t make the list. Krystal doesn’t seem to have a place on its jazz-upped Web site to find a list of the WiFi locations. Duh!
Actually, a number of restaurants and other businesses in the Knoxville area “get it” a little better than Starbucks. Here’s one incomplete list.
What are the best free Wifi locations in the Knoxville area?
(via Techmeme)
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