Heard among the din

Some quotes to think about in the din on the death of newspapering:

Remember, it’s not raining on us; it’s just raining.

Howard Weaver

I don’t think its quite in the same boat as, say, the telegraph.

Deep Jive Interests

Industrial grade paper just isn’t the medium of choice for news anymore and reporters aren’t the only people who can cover events and provide informed perspectives.

Susan Mernit

There’s no question that the paper part of the business is decreasing in importance, and news may no longer be primarily distributed on smashed-up trees. Does that change the nature of the business? Definitely.

Mathew Ingram

If only it were that easy. You don’t just flick a switch and turn this stuff on. It requires learning, training and a shift in culture. It requires planning, investment and, most of all, time.

Shane Ricmond, online for the Telegraph, talking about how to build a successful newspaper online product. (via Matthrew Ingram)
The latest round of death of newpapers, sparked by Tim O’Reilly’s post last weekend, has been well covered by some very thoughful people. These were just of the recent ones that struck a chord with me.

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