Month: March 2007

  • Heard among the din

    Some quotes to think about in the din on the death of newspapering: Remember, it’s not raining on us; it’s just raining. — Howard Weaver I don’t think its quite in the same boat as, say, the telegraph. — Deep Jive Interests Industrial grade paper just isn’t the medium of choice for news anymore and…

  • Great weekend

    Beautiful weekend. In 80s both days     SessionsCalories burned Time exercising Miles jogged/eliptical   Actual4 2405 3:34 12.44   Target 4 2000 3:15 No advice   The month-to-date miles is 49.53 Tags: jogging | fatbloggers | jason calacanis

  • Smack down with Craigslist on the Streets of Bakersfield

    Howard Owens tells about his personal experiences using Craigslist and the local paper to sell his house. His experience somewhat mirrors what Classified Intelligence found in its January 2007 report on Craigslist and newspapers (via subscription only I believe). During Classified Intelligence’s 18-month study, 12 new Craigslist communities were studied. The bottomline of the study…