Your next assignment …

Having a winning product is all about meeting unmet needs, whether it’s a widget or a Web site — or a newspaper.
No unmet needs; no need.
We journalists don’t often like to compare what we do to the widget factory … oh, it’s far more important stuff than that.
But Dan Pacheco of The Bakersfield Californian takes a stab at looking at the unmet needs journalist need to fill on what he calls a Web Safari through things going on at his newspaper.

  1. Be the eyes and ears of your local community.
  2. Provide the water cooler — “News is what people are talking about”
  3. Provide the new town square
  4. Provide the new third space
  5. Track the community pulse — what do people care about today?
  6. Provide the most trusted information possible, leveraging the collective knowledge of your community.

Pretty good list. He includes examples.
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