A Top 5

This is a good list for Knoxville to be in the Top 5 on for the second year in a row.

  1. Raleigh NC
  2. Provo UT
  3. Boise ID
  4. Des Moines IA
  5. Knoxville TN
  6. Albuquerque NM
  7. Durham NC
  8. Fayetteville AR
  9. Nashville TN
  10. Olympia WA

It’s Forbes Best Places For Business And Careers list in the April 5 print edition. Here’s the Knoxville page.
Johnson City comes in at No. 10 in the small metros.
A poll on the Forbes sites ask where you like to start a business and Raleigh wins hands down with about 24 percent of the votes. Everybody else comes in third or worse behind “None of the above.” Thank god the area is still somewhat of a secret.
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