Forget televised, the revolution is already on video

Not convinced news video is really big right now instead of sometime from now? If Google buying YouTube wasn’t enough to convince you the audience is there, Andy Plesser has the tipping point in some internal CNN stats:

CNN online video clips of news surrounding the Virginia Tech shootings totaled 11.4 million views on Monday, far more than the daily average of 2.1 million streams and exceeding the previous one-day record of 7.7 on December 30, 2006, the day after Saddam’s execution.

And the most compelling video I saw — that made you feel you were right there — wasn’t shot by a TV network or station camera crew. It was blurry, jumpy cell phone video submitted to CNN.
And hey, it’s not just young people as Angela Grant points out in noting some eMarketer stats.
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