Remembering the 1982 World’s Fair

Knoxnews Online Editor Jigsha Desai has posted her 1982 World’s Fair 25th anniversary package. It even links to the 20th anniversary package that Traci McDonell (who now runs the city of Knoxville’s web site) did while she was at the News Sentinel.
In addition to today’s package, there will be stories through the week. This is one of our joint projects with WBIR.
Here’s the schedule for the series:
Monday: Legacies of the fair and the things that didn’t make it
Tuesday: A look at businesses that have thrived thanks to the expo
Wednesday: For every World’s Fair there’s a memorable dish; find out what delicacy was introduced at Knoxville’s.
Thursday: A fashion fad that debuted in ’82 — and lives to this day
Friday: They came, they sang and Knoxville was never the same. How the fair boosted our entertainment profile
Today at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.: As part of the “Our Stories” series, Bill Williams looks at how the idea of the World’s Fair came about, the controversy that surrounded it, and how construction eventually played out.
Monday at 6 p.m.: Bill Williams takes you inside the 184 days of the fair.
Tuesday on Live at Five: Russell Biven, Beth Haynes and LaSaundra Brown take the show live to World’s Fair Park for a fun look at the fair’s legacy; at 6 p.m., “Our Stories” focuses on Jake Butcher, the man behind the World’s Fair, who later left a different kind of legacy; at 8 p.m., “Our Stories” presents a one-hour special on the 1982 expo; at 11 p.m., Bill Williams sits down one-on-one with Jake Butcher.
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