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Zadi DiazZadi Diaz has become one of my favorite vbloggers.
When I was doing the viral thing, one of my co-workers said: “She’s no Ze Frank.” Ah, no, she’s not. She’s executive producer and host of JETSET and a lover of chocolate and raspberry (more bio). I don’t think I would ever mistake her for Ze Frank.
Yesterday, the 50th episode of Diaz and Steve Woolf’s vblog, JETSET, was posted.
JETSET, which Diaz calls a Vloggie, is described as an Internet and pop culture show for young adults (that’s not me, but I like it anyway).
The first episode were online on June 1, 2006. And Zadi Diaz is on the verge of being of a big Internet video star. Maybe she already is.
In the 50th episode, she gave shoutouts to a whole gang of other video bloggers (she must have just spaced The Randoms). Browse around the site and watch some other episodes.
Best of luck to Diaz and Woolf in their WebbyAward nomination. Look likes a slam dunk in their category.
Earlier this week, Diaz was at the Radio Television News Directors Association big confab in Vegas and talked about what she’s doing in this video clip. Here’s Lost Remote’s coverage of the same panel she was on.
Beyond JETSET, Diaz has a text blog and is on Twitter. Photo on right is from her Flickr stream.
And there’s Terry Heaton getting his photo taken with Diaz and Amanda Congden. How’d that happen — and in Vegas?
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