The Sopranos have a “Whack it” problem

If you think you need to “whack it,” think about the Sopranos.
Yep, when you need to kill something.
Well, the Sopranos figure prominently in a post by Om Malik on when to whack a venture or proejct, but it’s a little more complicated than just calling Tony.
Malik tackles one of the toughest part of innovation: when to drop and move on. Innovators are builders so whacking doesn’t come easy.
He relates his “Plug-Puller’s Procrastination” in failing to quit playing with GigaGamez even though the signs were there that it wouldn’t work three weeks into the venture.
Two months and thousands of dollars, he was out of the game (site).

Sometimes we fail to recognize that occasionally an idea is poorly-timed, just bad, or–as in the case of The Sopranos—it has just exhausted its potential. In either case the cold hard truth is that it is time to whack it!

What should guide the innovator or entrepreneur in knowing when to end?
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