Month: May 2007

  • Not so good

    Ran out of time this week. On vacation next week. Maybe a rough stretch?     SessionsCalories burned Time exercising Miles jogged   Actual3 1874 2:13 11.25   Target 4 2000 3:15 No advice   The month-to-date miles is 52.09. Tags: jogging | fatbloggers | jason calacanis

  • Now count to three

    Bloggers will be the salvation of newspapers — or something like that — from Dave Winer. Another post where a “tech guy” is a more optimistic about the newspaper buisness and mainstream media biz than many in it. It would be a waste of a tradition, of a good coral reef, if newspapers really died.…

  • It would have been better two years ago

    We only waited two years to see this. And Bill Shory explains why. Tags: open records | police video | in-car cameras