Charlie Daniels should be ashamed

The double-murder of Chris Newsom and Channon Christian that occurred in early January in Knoxville was an extremely heinous crime by any definition and has attracted international attention. Unfortunately, it has been adopted by white groups as the poster child of Black on White Hate Crimes.
Now it has its own Wikipedia entry.
The entry says:

Despite the horrific nature of these murders, they received virtually no coverage in the mainstream media

Pardon me?
That’s a heinous falsehood. In East Tennessee, especially, it has been heavily and extensively covered by all media. The Associated Press has distributed several stories and photos through its network. How much more mainstream can you get than AP?
One of the stories posted on knoxnews has been among our top 10 articles daily for months. Extensive court documents have also been posted.
Heck, there was a story and video today.
Extremist are using this misrepresentation of “No Mainstream Media coverage” to whip up racial hate. Country music star Charlie Daniel has jumped to the front of the band with a May 7 opinion piece on his Web site.
In his May 7 posting, Daniels says:

Shame on the American media for letting such a violent crime as this slip through the cracks. I wonder what else they’re not reporting.

Daniels should be ashamed of his own involvement in seeding lies and nurturing hate.
When the devil went down to Georgia, he did indeed find a soul to steal.
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